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Gavrilov & Co Serves You Fresh Data and Cold, Clear Numbers

If you own or manage a restaurant, a bar or both, you are involved in one of the most rapidly moving industries in the USA. The restaurant accounting experts at Gavrilov & Co Accounting and Tax Services know that the last thing you want on your menu is stress.

Restaurant Accounting Concerns:

And yet, you are probably very much aware of the stress caused by major concerns of Food costs, Food waste, Labor Costs, Government Regulations, and Sales Tax. Doing your own restaurant accounting, directly increases worries about these issues exponentially. Managing any type of restaurant or eatery is challenging enough without the added stress of rushed accounting practices or sleepy bookkeeping.

For example, the simple restaurant accounting associated with NYC local, state, and regional tax situations could heighten your stress level, and almost ruin your appetite.

hospitality accountant ny

Why We Can Deliver the Best Restaurant Accounting In the NYC Food Industry

However, with over a decade of restaurant financial experience, the experts at Gavrilov & Co, will reduce your stress about such matters.

Not Only education but real life Experience Makes Gavrilov & Co. uniquely qualified in Restaurant Accounting. Rudy Gavrilov will improve your bottom-line. Not only has Rudy earned accolades for his accounting successes but the Restaurant industry-specific background of our founder, His food-related accounting experience, restaurant tax savvy and operations training advice will push your NYC eatery to the top of patrons choices as surely as your chef’s good recipes. In Rudy’s own words, here’s the story of why:

“It was by sheer luck that I got into the accounting field. Growing up, my father owned a supermarket, where I would help with day-to-day duties. It was a coincidence that I started helping with the bookkeeping and accounting of the supermarket. This is where I learned the ropes of cost control, budgeting, bookkeeping and accounting.

This taste of the accounting world was the inspiration for choosing accounting as my major and obtaining my accounting degree in college.

Learning Came in Books–and in Dishes!

“During my college years, I worked within the hospitality and restaurant industry through a staffing agency. I was able to learn the industry inside and out, working in many different types of restaurants and in many different roles. I came in as a waiter, but if they were short-staffed, I even threw on my apron to become a dishwasher. As I moved into management, my experience gave me real-life knowledge and expertise that you can’t learn in college texts.”  

Finding a Blend Between Food and Numbers:  A Passionate Niche

“Moving forward today, if you own a restaurant, I love showing you how you can control your costs, everything from food costs to labor costs. With my help, you can implement a better budget. Together we can identify how to fix cash flow issues. Through effective tax planning strategies, you can actually save money on your taxes, increase your ROI, and a great deal more.”

Check Out Our Personalized Menu of Fresh Accounting and Bookkeeping Advice

  •    We give restaurant owners the time to grow their business.  Let Gavrilov & Co worry about your restaurant accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, taxes and payroll.
  •    With our help, you can focus on simpler things, like your best recipes or the fresh flowers on the table.
  •    As your professional restaurant accountants, Gavrilov & Co accountants help you reduce stress, grow your business and enjoy the ownership of your restaurant.

Ultimately our expertise with numbers supports your expertise with food.

We Serve You with Great HR Assistance

Additionally, we know you need a pleasant server to run the order to your valued restaurant patron. And good accountants know, it all needs to happen at a comfortable cost.

  • With our help, you can keep track of those wages and employment benefits.
  • Likewise, we can maintain an organized payroll system you can run at the touch of a finger on your own mobile device.

You Specialize in Menu Choices…We Specialize in Money Choices.

Restaurant Accounting Experts at Gavrilov & Co can help you with bookkeeping matters you might consider mundane:  cash flow management, detailed recordkeeping, and inventory.

  • Our tax accounting also ensures you meet your requirements with your local, county, state and federal taxing authority, all filed on time.
With our Payroll System, do your payroll in a lunch hour instead of an entire day.


The proof is in the pudding as they say. You should evaluate any accountant by the proven successes throughout their history and by how they can help you and your specific needs.

Here are some case studies that will give you a brief insight to some of the work we have done for clients:

MaV SoHo

High Food Costs, High Labor Costs, Vendor Payment Problems & More…

Introduction of Restaurant Accounting Client

MaV Soho

New Yorkers as well as out of towners know the restaurant MaV Soho is famous for its authentic Italian food.

The Challenge:

They came to Gavrilov & Co Accounting because they opened a new restaurant. What made the new restaurant challenging was that it they created it in a Hotel space where they would additionally cater to the hotel guests and room service.

The Problem:
  1. Running the operation required round the clock service. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner.
  2. Food costs were high, Labor costs higher.
  3. Vendors were delivering food nonstop and not getting paid. What’s more, the process for paying vendors was very inefficient. No wonder, they were quickly depleting their capital.
Gavrilov & Co Analysis and Process

Immediately Rudy Gavrilov and his team realized the POS was outdated. Likewise, it did not integrate with the existing POS of the hotel.

We executed changes quickly.

  •    A POS System was implemented to seamlessly integrate with new accounting software.
  •    Different apps were introduced to make accounts payable done with a click of a button. And…no more checks!
  •    Soon we set up budgets to control Prime costs and we improved the cash flow quickly through better accounts receivable processes.

What impact did the accounting consultation have on the business? One of our solutions to the restaurants problems included having room service billed directly to the restaurant. This, incorporated into the POS system, resulted in freeing up $80,000 per month in cash flow. In any ones book this is a good example of success.

Through the procedures above, we are proud to report that the restaurant stopped depleting their initial capital.

Through proper reporting of financials, they now better understand where they were making the most money. Likewise they are now aware of where they are winning or losing opportunities to better increase profits and cut losses.  

Mav Soho Restaurant

Consultation, Assessment and Solutions Come Your Way: Good Things from Gavrilov & Co

The specialized Restaurant accounting personnel at Gavrilov & Co know how the restaurant business works from the inside out.

  • We know the data you need to support a smooth working back-of-the-house and a stress-free, customer-centric front-of-house.
  • That’s why we will serve you the best possible streaming data to support your business decisions.

Our restaurant accounting can help keep your stress level down, and you’ll never lose your appetite for food–or for your business.

Our accounting business makes your business accounting–and your restaurant–shine. Gavrilov & Co has got your back.

Bon Appetit!